Amia Yokoyama

Dim Beam Simulcast

Saturday June 23rd 7-10pm

The TV switches, channels flipped. Some hold the keys, some use the keys, some distribute the keys. We sit in a familiar room. A couch, a bed, a bed that grows weeds, the fertile seat of an absent gardener. The gardener flips the channel again. Dandelions are edible in their entirety, a slime consumes her lover entirely, an effigy made to be put in the fire, myth tells the story of not one Gardner but many, a tapestry remains nomadic, a mural made of hand and work and stitch. The switch of a channel reorders the story, a new order of events gives way something that was once hidden. We become outlaws in the worlds we created. A new gate is built to say “no entrance”, a barrier with the potential to open, but only a barrier if attached to the fence. With no a fence it is a reminder. With the gardner absent the bed becomes over grown with weeds, so many weeds, clones of clones of clones, so good at the game of survival. Seeds so many they are often unseen, a plant out of place, but a flower with beauty, and a root with worth.- AY

curated by Sam Shoemaker

Proposal for a Self Referential Book

One night only: Sunday, July 8, 6-10pm

2600 N Altadena Dr, Altadena, CA 91001

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: This is a painting and a few drawings by the Berlin based artist Dennis Buck from “Proposal for a Self Referential Book”, it's not a book it's, a solo exhibition by Dennis Buck. Dennis Buck’s show is on view for one night only at our offsite JACE campus in Altadena. This is an open invitation. The offsite campus is tree covered and shady (JACE resides there at night). We will have iced drinks. Some of DENNIS BUCK's work is outside so you don’t have to go into the JACE house if you don't want to, but you can. You’re invited. There is also work inside by the artist DENNIS BUCK. The snacks and drinks will be better at the offsite location event because you made the effort to drive offisite... and that is not too far for you, but a little further than usual. We are so happy to see you tomorrow. There will be tables for board games outside too. We have lots of board games. If you want to just come to play board games that’s fine too, you will get to see Dennis Buck’s show either way. No one needs to know. You can bring your friends who like art or games. 

The show is the show.

curated by Sam Shoemaker